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Meet Sonya

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Member Spotlight

Were there any specific habits you changed/got into that helped you lose weight?
My eating habits changed. For instance I might have purchased frozen chicken breasts before but I purchase the raw chicken breasts now. I was never a coffee drinker but I used to drink apple cider in the mornings and now I drink green tea. I try to reserve my fried food and soft drink splurges for once a week.

Did you fulfill any ambitions since losing weight?
Well, I still have one thing outstanding but going to my 30th year class reunion at the size that I was for my 20th or better was accomplished. My doctor was very pleased with my accomplishment as I continue to try to stay away from medications for any health issues.

What motivated you to join Pure Energy Fitness?
I used to go to Zumba classes that were taught by Cynthia at another location and when she moved on, I stayed but not too much longer. Then I ran into a friend who used to go to the same class and she told me about Pure Energy Fitness.
I started coming and enjoyed the motivation I got from the owner, other members and as well as the classes.