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Cynthia Florence

CEO/Founder - NASM CPT, NASM FNS, NASM GPTS, IIN Holistic Health Coach

Cynthia FlorenceCynthia has years of experience in the health and fitness industry. She specializes in weight loss/body fat reduction, health coaching and group fitness instruction. To date, she has helped 32 clients lose a combined total of 463 pounds.

She has helped countless others change their lives and has made it her passion; mission and goal in life to assist others lead healthier, happier lives. She can help you too!

cynthia after
cynthia before

Cynthia has compassion and understanding for her members and clients. She not only coaches on exercise and nutrition, but also the more important emotional connection to weight and health issues. She knows this first hand because she fought her own weight loss battle in the past, (see before and after pictures). During her journey, she took a holistic mind, body and spirit approach. In the end, she lost over 75 pounds. And more importantly, found her whole authentic self.

She was always active as a child and in her teen years but after she married, she stopped moving and gained weight. She became depressed, unhealthy and felt as though she lost herself. After ending a 13 year marriage, that was the wakeup call she needed to find herself again. Through hard work, determination and adopting a healthy lifestyle, She has lost over 75 pounds and most importantly, she was happier because she found herself again.

Cynthia is a ball of energy and is very motivating whether she is one on one with a client or teaching a class. Her favorite phrase is
"You'll Thank Me Later" Once you see your results, YOU WILL